Below are links to some sites that have been of great help to me.  Take the information and run with it!  Knowledge is power!

The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet by Steve Kamb @ Nerd Fitness

  • Steve is funny, Steve is smart, Steve is the reason for my success.  I read this article, and even though it took me 6 months to find the motivation, I eventually threw myself into the Paleo way of eating.  I could never explain Paleo better, or in a more entertaining way.
    Bonus: The Worst Fitness Advice You Will Ever Receive by Steve Kamp @ Nerd Fitness 
    As I said – Steve is funny.  Steve is smart.  This is 100% satire.  In summation: the weight loss industry is trying to sell us all a bridge in Brooklyn.  DON’T BUY THE BRIDGE.

How Grains are Slowly Killing You

How to Eat Fat and Lose Weight

Carbohydrates – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Are You Scared of Salt?

  • The 4 above are written by Katie @ Wellness Mama.  If you are a nerd (like me), you will love the details she gives. If you have spent too much of your life reading articles about weight loss in popular magazines (like me) or you are still subscribing to bull$hit you’ve been fed by any group or program in the ‘weight-loss industry’ (because it is a billion $ industry)…. reading these 4 articles might make your head explode.  In a good way.  When I read them, I was skeptical, but thought they might hold some truth because I had tried everything else, and I had failed…. Now, well, I’ve got no degrees or licenses but I know what I’ve experienced. I can honestly say, from personal experience gained from using my own body as a test subject, these articles definetly hold truth.  IMO – 100% truth.

The Primal Blueprint @ Mark’s Daily Apple

  • Paleo has also been called “the caveman diet”… and Mark, who’s pretty much the original Paleo dude, details how to the key to healthy living for modern man is to connect to a more ‘primal’ way of life.  He’s not talking about lighting a bonfire in the back yard and dancing in a loin cloth.  (Though frankly, I know people who do those types of things, and they’re pretty happy people… just sayin!)  He is an amazing resource for any possible question you could have about going Paleo.

More coming soon!


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