24 Goals for 2016 (2 per Month)

The ball has dropped, the Rose Bowl is over and now it’s time for me to take stock of last year and plan for the year ahead.  Reflection is such a necessary part of life for me.  It’s in my nature to constantly evaluate what I’m doing, what I’m happy with, and where I need improvement.

2015 was a year of change for me!  On January 2nd of last year, I met my boyfriend and life became very different for me.  Now I have less “me” time and more “us” time.  This means I’ve gotten lax on some of my personal goals.  Cuz it’s so much easier to watch Netflix with a handsome dude, than get up and actually accomplish stuff!  Womp womp.

I regret nothing!  He’s pretty fantastic. 🙂  However, life is about balance.  So 2016 will have to be about finding more balance and making the time I do have more productive.

Traditional New Years resolutions are often unsustainable.  Rather than set 10 goals that will quickly fall by the wayside, I have decided to set 2 goals for every month this year.  I hope that this strategy will make my goals more manageable.  I’ve incorporated some overarching themes into these goals: travel, strengthen friendships, be more active, continue learning.

Is this month by month goals setting a strategy you would try?  Have you done it before?  Check out my list and leave your comments below!

New Years Goal for 2016 

Start and Finish two books. (Watch less TV.)
Purge closet and apartment; donate items to charity.

Complete a 5k with friends.
Go Parasailing in Florida. (Overcome fear of heights.)

Learn a new tech skill.
Spend a Sunday making freezer meals.

Travel to a town/city you have never been.
Plan a spring dinner party.

Post 4 articles to my blog.
Save money by changing your drinking habits: no alcohol and make all of your coffee at home.

Complete a half marathon race. (Dam to Dam)
Travel out of state.

Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater.
Go hiking/camping in a State Park.

Walk or bike everywhere for an entire weekend.
Attempt to learn an entirely new skill/activity.

Take 7 yoga classes.
Pack all of your lunches for work.  (No eating out.)

Cook two complicated recipes you have never tried before.
Register for an art or photography class.

Start and finish 2 books.
Volunteer your skills or time.

Devote an entire day to baking Christmas cookies.  Give them away.
Adopt a family for Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “24 Goals for 2016 (2 per Month)

  1. Good job as always Amy! I’m with you on breaking down resolutions to a couple a month Makes sense! Happy new year! Bonnie

    Bonnie Klohs Sent from my iPhone


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