Being Uncomfortable, Fighting the Flu, and Record Setting

So – everyone – 2015.  The number is just sinking in for me.  It’s such a big number.  I remember when people built bomb shelters because the world was going to end the minute it became the year 2000.  Where did 15 years go?  15 years is almost half my life so far!  Remember when everyone thought Justin and Britney would live happily ever after.  When you didn’t have to take off your shoes in airports. How – now – we have parties dedicated to wearing sweaters that were once ‘the thing’ to be wearing.  Remember when people wore scrunchies and stirrup pants.  Yikes.

Now that 2015 is a little over 2 weeks old, I’m wondering how people are doing with their ‘resolutions.’  I guess I’m using quotation marks because I’m willing to bet many of us who say we don’t make new years resolutions secretly do – we just don’t publicly declare them because it’s such a cliche when you fail.  Maybe they aren’t written in a list or even completely organized thoughts but the symbolism of a new number on the calendar and the hope for new personal beginnings penetrates the psyche of even the most hardened skeptics.

I’m one of those people.  I rarely declare exact resolutions but in the back of my mind I usually have a vision of how I hope to be different.  The older I’ve gotten, the more my patience for change has grown.  I realize now that so many of the times I ‘failed’ my resolutions were simply due to losing my patience.  Things have come full circle now, because I am grateful for my failures.  They made me a more patient person, a more tolerant person, a more compassionate person.  Because each time I tired, I was doing the best I could, given what I knew and who I was in that moment.  There were lots of moments when I didn’t have what I needed to succeed, so I’d have to walk away, gather myself, learn a little more, and eventually try again.

I have two resolutions for 2015 – one is straight forward and one is broad, and I hope by explaining what it is to all of you I can inspire you to keep up with your own resolutions, or start one (cuz it’s never too late!).

My first resolution is pretty simple – update the blog more!  Today is the 2 year anniversary of when I first registered this blog with WordPress.  Let me take a brief moment to shout some excitement – just after the new year the number of total followers went over 500 for the first time ever!  Also, January 2015 is on pace to be a record breaking month as far as site hits go, and not by a little – by A LOT!  Which is pretty cool for little old me, just writing about stuff I’ve realized and food I’ve cooked in my very very tiny kitchen.  As I’ve said before, knowing that people read and the things I say have helped others motivates me to keep writing.  Please continue to give me feed back, share articles, and tell me about your struggles and successes.  I appreciate it all!

So onto my BIG resolution for 2015: it is to be uncomfortable.  Let me explain.

One of the biggest lessons I learned when I got healthy was that comfort is the enemy of progress.  If you really think about it, in nature, new life and transformation happen in a state of discomfort.  Look at athletes.  Training to be the best, fastest, etc is painful, not comfortable.  Or if you’ve ever watched a butterfly hatch for a chrysalis, nothing about it looks comfortable.  If you’ve ever seen a nature documentary or talked to a woman who has been pregnant, there are few things that are comfortable about growing a living thing or bringing it into the world.  But that’s part of it – the struggle, the waiting, the pain.  All of that is part of growing.  So it makes sense that if you want to change who you are, how you behave, if you want to stretch yourself, you need to be prepared to be uncomfortable.  Super uncomfortable.

Now that it has been almost 2 years since I’ve changed lots of my habits as far as food and exercise are concerned, I am comfortable with them.  The habits are almost 2nd nature to me.  These habits still work for me, I haven’t gained the weight back… but in the beginning WOW was I uncomfortable.  And for a long time.  Now, I recognize that there are still things I do that are uncomfortable – like walking when it’s cold outside… or planks – because through the discomfort, I achieve my desired result.  I have realized there are other parts of my life where I need to be as brave and uncomfortable as I once was with food and exercise.  So that it my hope for myself in this year.  To learn to take a deep breath and not fear being uncomfortable in more realms of my life- to instead recognize it as an opportunity for growth.  In what areas of my life am I going to apply this you ask?  Well – stay tuned 🙂

If you are still in a place where you want to get your health under control, I hope you can find some peace with having patience and being uncomfortable.  If you can embrace those two things instead of war against them, you will be miles ahead on your journey.

On a final, random note – in the last 2 weeks, lots of people around me have gotten the flu or a terrible cold, or just general nastiness that’s been floating around.  And for the last week, I didn’t really feel right… but I didn’t really get stick either.  I never really spiked a fever, my nose never really ran, but I had an itching pain in the back of my throat, my sinuses had pressure and I just felt a bit tired.  I kept waiting for the hammer to drop, wake up with chills and severe body aches…. but it never got so bad I couldn’t function.  And I know people who got so bad they couldn’t function.  I realize I have no scientific proof for what I’m about to say, but it just makes logical sense to me: I think I didn’t get sick because I’ve been so on point with my eating lately.  I think my body had enough vitamins, minerals and protein to fight a better battle.  I have no other way to explain why the flu didn’t take me out of commission.  That’s one side effect of paleo I will always be grateful for – less general illness.

If you do have the flu, I recommend hot water with fresh ginger grated into it.  Like not from the spice isle.  It’s a root in the produce section.  Anyway…

People also liked the picture I posted yesterday of Lemon Coconut Bread.  Unfortunately, I cannot post the recipe because it’s from Make Ahead Paleo, a great cookbook which I’ve reviewed in a previous post.  The book is a great investment if you are interested.  The author does have a website with lots of other great recipes, which you can find at  Paleo baking can be hard when you are new, but if you have a Trader Joe’s near you, I’ve found they have the best prices on almond flour and coconut flour.  If you don’t live near one, you can always order those products online!  Happy cooking!


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