6 Things That Are Inspiring Me in October 2014

I’ve decided it might be fun to make this a monthly post… so here’s my current list!

1. Betsy Johnson.  

Holy buckets – the 72 years old fashion designer can cartwheel into a side split.  And do a handstand freeze better than a lot of b-boys.  As a competitor on Dancing with the Stars this season, words can’t express how inspiring I find her – putting herself out there by learning to dance, which would be difficult at any age (heck, I was a modern dancer for years and even I would be intimidated to learn how to ballroom dance in a small group class), let alone on national television.  She made a major mistake in the first week of competition but brushed it off and came back stronger than ever.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, she has also gone out of her comfort zone in terms of her styling on the show – which has to be hard when fashion is your job!  She simplified her make up and hair in week 2 and during an interview after her performance she said that in her outfit she “Felt pretty for the first time!”  Maybe I’m a sucker, but that touched my heart.  Open minded, wiling to learn new things, gracious.  I like her a lot.

Betsy, I hope I’m half as daring, fit and positive as you when I am 72.  I’m so sad you got the boot this week, but I look forward to seeing you dance again in the season finale.

2. Squirrels.
Ok, hear me out.  I took a walk early last Sunday (before 8am).  All of the humans in my neighborhood were sleeping in, but the squirrels were up!  And my hood has lots and lots of squirrels.  I looked across the street at one point and counted seven in just two of the yards.  So what’s so inspiring about squirrels?  Well, they always look like they are having fun!  I know they are busy collecting food but a lot of the time I’m convinced they are just playing.  And watching all of those squirrels play in the leaves, chasing each other and hoping around… it made me ask myself, when was the last time you played a game?

Tragically, I realized, it’s been a while.  I’m a pretty cerebral person, so group sports were never really my thing, especially since I don’t care much for competition.  It’s hard to find a group of people who can get together and play without caring who wins.  When I lived in Maine, a group of friends I worked with would have “Sunday Funday” which meant we would play school yard games every Sunday evening: kickball, kick the can, sardines, capture the flag.  I loved those nights and I miss those games.  We might have been in our 20’s and 30’s but some things you’re never too old for.  I don’t know if I will be able to find a group of people now who want to play capture the flag with me – but I’ve resolved to find a way to incorporate more play into my life.  Fun activities, that make me move and laugh, that aren’t about competition.  That’s important.

3. Fall fashion.

I’m probably echoing every woman out there, but man – fall is my favorite season for clothes! Leather, plaid, boots, cozy sweaters… I want to buy most of the things at Mod Cloth. However, I am having the hardest time finding a pair of black riding boots. If you know of any, help a girl out! I’m a size 10 and I don’t want any of that cheap elastic built into the sides!

4. Sturgill Simpson

If you like country music (and not new/pop country, I mean old school country) – you should check him out. Even if you don’t like country, you should check him out anyway. I’m terrible about finding new music on my own, but thankfully I’ve got a few friends with good taste and that how I met Sturgill. I started listening to his latest album this summer, but there’s something about the changing leaves and brisk wind that makes the music even better.

5. Stats
Wow! The number of visitors to my blog doubled from August to September. I’m also getting close to 500 followers! That’s pretty exciting for me. It’s motivates me to keep writing when I know people find my rambling interesting/enjoyable.  At least that’s why I hope you stop by.  Perhaps it’s more of a morbid ‘what crazy BS is she talking about now’ kind of curiosity.  And that’s cool too!
Another impressive stat – I got a message from a friend/reader who has lost 15 lbs since switching to paleo, has really started cooking for the first time and has learned a lot about the evils of sugar filled lattes! You know who you are! I’m so proud of you – keep going!  Sharing the news of your success with me made me so happy. All of what I learned/my experiences have made my life better – but the reason I write them down is in the hopes that what I learned can improve the lives of others in some small way – so thank you so much for making me feel like I am accomplishing my goal. 🙂  Maybe in a few months I can do a success story post on you?? And if anyone else out there has a success story, big or small, I would so love to hear about what paleo has done for you!

6. This:

It reminds me of the lights, pavement and toll booths in New York.  It reminds me of a time when that mantra made me go further than I ever thought I could… IMG_5174.JPG It’s got me asking myself – what is the next big thing going to be?  I’ve got some ideas, but man – the end goal is so far away.  But I can’t let that stop me.

Is change scary?  Yes.  And the bigger the change, the more terrifying it is.  That’s why so many people say later, tomorrow, someday.  But I heard a statement in a podcast today that made really hit me: “You should be asking yourself: does the life I’m living have room for the life I want?”  Really let that sink in.  If life has you so busy treading water… how are you ever going to actually get somewhere?  Maybe it’s time to take a step back.

If there is one thing you want, no matter what that thing is… you are going to have to change at least 5 things to get it.  Like go to bed earlier, party less, study more, save your money instead of buying those new jeans, etc.  You can’t keep everything as it is and expect big things to happen.  The status quo leads to more of the same.  If you aren’t satisfied with that, then (to paraphrase an Iowa State coach) it might be time to “Put your hard hats on and go to work.”  And it will be a lot of work.  You’re going to have to keep making the choice to not quit.  It’s going to be uncomfortable, you’re going to be humbled and possibly embarrassed.  Should any of that stop you? Hell frickin’ no.

2 thoughts on “6 Things That Are Inspiring Me in October 2014

    1. Glad to have you! I used to tease my grandpa for how much he loved to watch squirrels – but they actually are very entertaining! If that makes me sound old, I can accept that 🙂

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