5 Star Book Review: Make Ahead Paleo by Tammy Creditcott

Last month I purchased a cook book that I am totally in love with.  It’s actually the first paleo book that I’ve ever purchased.  Most of what I have cooked so far in my paleo journey have been things I’ve found on blogs, ideas that I have modified to my own tastes and general ‘experiments’ that I’ve created through trial and error.  I learn by doing and don’t always want a lot of guidance, so this worked well for me!

But, with renewed resolve to make this a permanent lifestyle and not just a means to shed a few pounds, I have decided to invest in cookbooks.  I’ve purchased a few over the last few months and slowly checked them out.  Some, I have been very disappointed in – they contain recipes that are not practical for everyday, use obscure or expensive ingredients, or are made almost entirely of recipes that are, in reality, “treats”.  Maybe your goal is weight loss, maybe it’s not, but either way, you cannot live on paleo ‘treats’ and expect to reap the full benefits of consuming a paleo diet.

Jalapeño and Blackberry Pork Roast

So, based on those opinions – I feel confident that I can recommend Make Ahead Paleo by Tammy Creditcott to anyone who reads this blog.  This cookbook has so many positives to it:

1) As advertised, it’s aimed towards make ahead meals, which is a key to succeeding with paleo.  You need to be prepared and this book will help you do that.

2) The flavor profiles are familiar and family friendly.

3) There is a section for treats/breads/desserts.  These things are part of life and I’m happy to have a resource for recipes I can take to holidays and get togethers, but they are not a majority of the book.

4)  The book in general is beautiful and makes me want to cook.

5)  There is a recipe in it for pizza crust that can be made and frozen.  You can make your own paleo frozen pizza.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m pretty damn excited about it!

6) She has a specific section aimed at how to stay paleo when you are traveling.  Ummm, thank you!  Cuz I haven’t really figured that one out yet!

Lemon Coconut Bread

The two pictures in this article are of dishes from the book that I have made.  I tested out the lemon-coconut bread with my co-workers and got big thumbs up.

If you’re new to paleo and looking for a good resource, this book might be worth the investment – it’s only $16 on amazon! Tammy also has a blog: The Healthy GF Life.  Check it out!

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