What Could Paleo Do For You?


This is going to be a quick post this morning because I have been busy this week, between visiting a friend who just had a baby, working on more recipes in the kitchen and getting ready for a big weekend of cooking freezer meals with a friend – which I am super excited for and will be posting about after Saturday!

But I wanted to share a link with you all.  A friend of mine was diagnosed with MS last year and started a blog to document her journey.  I love to her posts because her direct sense of humor and honesty are a joy to read and always give me perspective on my own life.  Yesterday, when I saw a new post had gone up, I clicked on it to read it right away… and guess what!?  It was about paleo!  She has had some great experiences since trying it – read about it here: http://kari.broox.com/2014/09/09/i-know-i-hate-me-a-little-bit-too/

It was really cool for me to read a paleo success story written by someone I know.  Throughout the last year and a half, I have read lots of stories about people who have gotten autoimmune diseases under control, gotten off all sorts of medications and just felt so much more amazing in their daily living after trying paleo – but none by anyone I know personally.

I can personally attest that changing to paleo took away my symptoms of mild depression and general fatigue, and I noticed those changes long before I got to a more healthy weight (the fatigue and depression were gone within the first 3 weeks).  Paleo is more than a weight loss strategy – it’s a real approach to achieving health no matter what your circumstances are.  Good food can be so healing for the body.  I’m excited to see where her story goes.

So my question, to whoever is reading this – what could paleo do for you?  If you were humble and brave enough to give it a try?  Because that’s what I get most from Kari’s story – she had to be humble enough to give it a try – and so did I.

I had to admit that I didn’t have the answers, that I’d been fed the wrong ones, that everything else I had tried had not worked, and my current situation was not working either.  Humility is hard.  But why let pride stop you from living the best, most freaking amazing life possible?

4 thoughts on “What Could Paleo Do For You?

  1. Great post from your friend! Always a scary first step because what if the stuff you LOVE doesn’t love you back? You can never unknow that information and it means that each time you do it anyway, you’re really just disrespecting yourself. It took me a lot of soul searching before I made the leap a few years ago…because I didn’t want to know. LOL!

    1. I would love that, let’s definetly trade recipes and strategy! I’d love to know what you’re eating and how it differs from me. I just got a new cookbook and it’s gorgeous -“Make Ahead Paleo”. I’m going to be cooking from it this weekend so I will let you know how it goes. What resources have you been using? And keep writing, I always look forward to your posts 🙂

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