BLT(+E) and a Food Memory

I just wanted to throw out a short post today – with an idea for a simple meal that is a perfect way to use all of the gorgeous tomatoes that are in season right now! I have been doing lots of reading, cooking and experimenting lately and am getting super excited about some of the things I’m learning and creating. There will be more posts to come in the next few weeks so please stay tuned! I know it’s football season now which means lots of beer and snacks and sitting, but stay motivated and continue enjoying this gorgeous weather for as long as it lasts! 🙂

So the picture below is a BLT+E. It is simply:
leaf lettuce
wrapped around
slices of
and soft boiled eggs,
seasoned with salt and pepper.
Easy to eat,

That was kinda like a recipe haiku!

A really strong food memory inspired me to make this last week. Back in the day when I made movies for a living (and was totally unhealthy I might add), there was one shoot where we had a particularly awesome caterer with a food truck and our first meal of the day was always breakfast, made to order. I have never been a big breakfast eater, but the standard in the film industry is to eat before starting the day, and then break for a meal every 6 hours. So in that situation, breakfast becomes super important. I was being very indecisive, standing back from the ordering window one day, when the 1st AC (assistant camera) told me about his favorite breakfast: a BLT with an over easy egg inside the sandwich. I ordered it and I was completely converted (except I usually ordered my egg over medium). The caterer would kindly remember to wrap my sandwich in double sleeves of tin foil because we were shooting in November in upstate New York and my job was so hectic I often wouldn’t be able to eat it right away. Somehow, it was still warm by the time I got to it, and his attention to detail was always greatly appreciated.

The thing about those sandwiches was, apart from the bread, they were also slathered in mayo. And now that I know better, no vegetable oil based mayo for this girl! So – for these wraps, I soft boil the egg because the yolk will then be soft (obviously! but not runny), to mimic the creamy texture of mayo – rather than hard boiling, where the yolks tend to get chalky, especially if you over cook them. Soft boiling an egg takes about 3 minutes per egg, once the water starts boiling. So if you are doing 3 in a pot, let them cook about 9 minutes. Remove them from the hot water, run under cold water and then place in the fridge (or freezer). This will halt the cooking process. You can peel them as soon as they are cool enough to handle.

Don’t forget the salt and pepper – seasoning your food (no matter what it is) is soooo important! It takes something that is so-so to pretty-freaking-awesome faster than you can say FGP (fresh ground pepper)!




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