A Simple Salad for Brunch, Lunch or Dinner


I put up this photo on instagram the night I made it and it received quite a few likes… I think the bacon had something to do with it 🙂

It’s a simple salad I made after work one night. It’s the last bit of sweet corn I’ll be having for a while, as I’m working my way back closer to 100% paleo (I have been doing about 70/30 for most of the summer… I’ve been having way too much fun and unfortunately I can feel it!)  It comes together really fast, especially if you have the corn salad made ahead of time.  For anyone in DSM, Gateway Market is where I get mine, but if you want to make your own this recipe from Bobby Flay is pretty close – just omit the creme fraiche and the cheese!  It’s sweet with heat – a good contrast to the salty bacon.


Warm Bacon & Egg Salad with Sweet Corn and Arugala

Fresh Arugula Greens, (2 cups per salad)
Prepared Corn Salad (1/2 cup per salad)
Roma Tomato, diced (1 per salad)
Eggs, cooked over easy (2 per salad)
Bacon, thick cut, fully cooked, and diced (2 slices per salad)
Salt & pepper, to taste

Cook the bacon first and let it cool.  Be sure to use arugula – it has a lot more flavor than other salad greens (it’s has a strong pepper-y after taste) and adds a lot to this salad.  You’ll want to assemble the greens, corn and tomatoes on each plate and then start cooking the eggs because they will go quickly.

The trick is to get the eggs cooked to over-easy and onto the salad without breaking the yolks – it’s totally worth the struggle because when you cut into them and the gooey yolk runs all over the salad and mixes everything together like some kind of nature-made salad-dressing… it’s pretty darn amazing!  If you’ve never tried eating a salad that way, or even don’t really like over-easy eggs, please give it a shot!  A one of my favorite SNL characters says: “It’s everything!”



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