31 Things I Know, Now That I’m 31

  1. Life is too short to eat cheap bacon and drink cheap beer.  Buy the good stuff and enjoy it.
  2. Whether your house is big or small, it’s important to make it your home – a place you find peaceful.
  3. Spend time in nature.  Fresh air can cure a hell of a lot.
  4. So can endorphins.
  5. Doing things that make you physically stronger, will also make you mentally stronger.  Lift more, run farther.  You’ll be surprised how much bolder it makes you in other areas of life.
  6. Take the time to dress up, just for fun.  Especially if you’re having a bad day.
  7. Laughter is important.  Keep the people that help you laugh.
  8. There are no ‘take-backsies’, no rewinds and re-dos, no re-set button.  Choose carefully.
  9. There is never enough time.  Take risks.
  10. Celebrate things.  Even the silly or insignificant.  You will never be here again.
  11. Memories are wonderful, but the past is the past and you will never be able to live there.
  12. Just because you are kind… people won’t always be kind to you.
  13. Don’t stop being kind.
  14. Being the loudest voice in a room won’t do you much good if you have nothing intelligent to say.
  15. It’s important to form your own opinions, and doing so doesn’t happen over night.
  16. Traveling makes you a better person.
  17. So does reading.
  18. So does trying new things.  Even if they scare you.
  19. Dancing is good for the soul.
  20. Courage can be quiet.  The purest, most inspiring examples most often are.
  21. Love is never a waste of your time.  Even if it’s one sided, even if you wind up bleeding and broken, it will teach you something.  Be grateful for the lesson and try to learn it well, so you don’t have to be taught again.
  22. Any semblance of control you think you have, is an illusion you’ve created for yourself. To quote Mad Men (and this is totally true): “One minute you’re on top of the world, the next minute some secretary is running over you with a lawn mower.”
  23. If you’re lucky, you will have a few friends in your life who, no matter the hour, and no matter how much time has passed since your last conversation … who will show up for you.  To sit and listen over a beer.  To help you move a couch.  To bring you ibuprofen and soda in a snow storm when you are too sick to get out of bed.  To help you laugh when you want to cry.  To offer to kick someone’s ass.  Those are your REAL friends, and they will love you even if you aren’t as cool, pretty, funny, or interesting as you once were.
  24. No matter where life takes you, treasure those people.
  25. Don’t let your pride isolate you.  There is no shame in asking for help.
  26. You can give the best of yourself to someone.  There’s no guarantee it will be enough for them.  There’s no guarantee they will value you, respect you, or care for you. Measure yourself by what you give, not what you receive.
  27. Learn to put heavy things down.  Happiness and lightness are connected.
  28. Most choices are made out of fear or love.  Try to be understanding.
  29. Forgive people.  Even if you don’t want to.  Do it as quickly as you can – but most importantly, actually do it, deep down in the most secretive place in your heart.
  30. And let them know.  You don’t have to have a formal conversation, or even speak it in plain English, but give them some indication that you have given them this gift.
  31. You won’t understand how important a gift forgiveness is until you want to be forgiven.
I celebrated my 31st birthday with wonderful friends, local brews, cards against humanity, and party hats. It was a great day full of fun and love 🙂

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