No Excuses: Trying to Stay Healthy on Vacation


My parents decided that this year, for a Christmas gift, my whole family would go to an all inclusive in Mexico. So, I arrived safely (thank God) at our resort yesterday, and have challenged myself. To make this vacation about true relaxation and being kind to my body while I’m at this ‘all inclusive’ (read oasis of never ending buffets and drinks).

So this first morning I’m here, I’m up with the sun and running. Call me a fitness geek but I’ve come to enjoy living an active life. It’s so much better than waking up hungover and tired – so wonderful to welcome the sunshine instead of trying to hide from it with a headache. All week I looked forward to being able to run outdoors in the sun. The treadmill just doesn’t cut it sometimes. I’m looking forward to more sun and more running before I go back to the cold of winter on Tuesday. Thankfully spring is almost here!

I treated myself to a facial, pedicure and manicure at the spa/salon this afternoon – a nice alternative to drinking by the pool all day. Feeling genuinely relaxed and my skin is amazing!

Also, very pleased with the food options. Sure, there are opportunities to indulge, some more extreme than others – but as in regular restaurant situations, most everything can be modified. Did I miss the French toast or the pastries that were on the breakfast buffet? Honestly, no. I just don’t crave that stuff anymore. I’m very excited to try a Brazilian restaurant tonight, that serves various meats family style and has a salad bar. Ultimately, the same rules apply to vacation as they do in real life – enjoy, prioritize and use common sense.

Planning to enjoy the next 2 days before I have to fly home, hopefully with some color in my skin 🙂



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