2 ways to Prep Chicken for Lunch


When I get food ready for the work week, an easy thing to do is chicken breast.  You may be thinking ‘boring!’  I understand.  Here’s two ways I do it, one hot and one cold, that are low maintenance but will give you different flavors.  That is the great thing about chicken – you can do almost anything with it and spices are fair game!

I posted a link to a list of homemade seasoning mixes in this post at wellnessmama earlier this week – and I can’t resist doing it again – it’s been awesome to mix my own seasonings – it saves me a lot of time and I have found all sort of uses for them beyond just meats.

So – I cook the chicken breasts at the same time, I just season them differently.  Rub about a Tbsp of the seasoning of your choice directly on one side of the chicken. Heat some coconut oil in a saute pan and cook them over medium heat – be sure the oil is nice and hot (it will help sear the chicken quickly to lock in the juices = no dry chicken) and then lay the chicken in the pan gently (it won’t stick to the pan that way).  Cook on both sides, until cooked through… How can you tell it’s done you ask?

Well, I think most people tend to over cook their chicken – afraid of salmonella. But over cooked chicken is not happy chicken. I use the tap test. Take your spatula or fork or whatever your using and tap the chicken breast. If the utensil ‘bounces’… like the chicken had spring to it, then the chicken is raw inside. If you tap and the meat is firm, then its cooked through. Be sure to check both sides, at the thickest point of the chicken.  Slice them up and throw them in the jars, along with the veggies 🙂

When you’re ready to eat, just dump them on a plate.  Here’s the two I’ve go in the photo:

  • Fajita seasoned chicken with mixed greens (to be served with avocado and tomatillo salsa)
    This is meant to be served cold.  I just slice the avocado over top before serving and the salsa serves as dressing – a lot of bottled salsas have added sugar so be careful; the brand I use is from Trader Joe’s and it has none 🙂
  • Caribbean Jerk seasoned chicken with zucchini ribbons (to be served with a piece of fruit)
    This one, I heat up in the microwave before serving, it softens the zucchini and is good for colder, rainy days.  And if you cooked your chicken right, it will still be juicy 🙂  Just add a little salt and pepper to the zucchini and you’re good to go!  I like to have a peach or an apple with this meal – its a nice contrast to the Jerk seasoning.

I know these ideas aren’t rocket science, but I hope it will give you some inspiration to help ‘spice up’ your lunch menu… if you pack a lunch you crave, it’ll be easier to face those every day temptations 🙂


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