Recipe Review: (5 Star) Paleo Lemon Bars

20130919-191046.jpgLemon Bars… I love lemon bars… Traders Joe’s has boxes in the frozen section that I used to eat in one sitting.  They are awesome, but definitely not Paleo.  Absolutely nothing nutritious about traditional lemon bars… sugar, sugar and more sugar.  But I used to CRAVE them like I maniac.  What can I say… I’ve always had a thing for citrus.

Luckily, thanks to the power of Pintrest, I found this recipe: Follow the link to Feeding Ger!  I give this one 5 solid stars, 2 thumbs way up.  It comes together quickly and I don’t even miss ‘real’ lemon bars – heck, as far as I’m concerned, this is the way God intended lemon bars to be made! One thing I dislike about a lot of Paleo dessert is that they involve a lot of weird ingredients, that I’m not going to use very often… which makes them expensive because I don’t want to have to buy 10 things I only need a Tbsp of. But this recipe is not like that. I bet you have most of the few ingredients you need to make this already!

The recipe might sound intimidating but do just as the it says, and keep stirring on low heat!  I promise they will turn out!

One a side note, the beginning of 2013, when I was starting on my journey to better health, I would not have eaten these.  If you are just starting out and trying to develop a healthier relationship with food and yourself, I believe it is best to avoid these kinds of ‘treats’.  Focus on eating simply and eating when you’re hungry. No need to complicate things with tempting goodies. I will be the first to admit, I only make these when I have somewhere to take them and people to share them with (they were a big hit at my office!).  If they sit in my apartment, they will be in my stomach in no time flat – they are so freaking good!!!

Speaking of sharing – since it’s football season, these might be a safe option to bring to your next tailgate or party! Share the tastiness with you friends – they will be shocked that these are good for you 🙂 (and mostly made of eggs!)


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