30% of My Body Weight in my 30th Year Goal Update


Have lost 2.5 lbs this week! I was starting to wonder what was going on, because I had been doing my typical paleo thing the last few weeks and seeing the scale only move in decimals… Not what I was aiming for, but it’s still good to see it go down!

With all of the recipe posts I’ve been making, I’ve been eating a bigger variety of foods and also, just plain more food! Everything tastes so good! I never feel deprived when following paleo, but sometimes, when I’m being lazy with cooking, I tend to get in a rut, so therefore I eat less. This week, considering how much I’d been chowing down, I was curious to see what would happen.

I know what you’re thinking – How is it possible that by eating more I lost more? I actually think that awesome aioli/mayo sauce on the crab cakes I made helped me – cuz it’s full of good fat. In earlier parts of this year, I have found that when I eat lower amounts of fat, my weight loss would slow down. And I think that’s what was happening again.

But caution! Just like calories, not all fats are created equal – I’m not saying that you can go eat 3 Big Macs (which are full of fat) and expect to lose weight! If you want to learn more about what I’m talking about, click on the link to my resources at the top of the page. Understanding the science behind what I’m talking about will help you make good food choices. I encourage you to read up! Doesn’t science rock!? ::insert nerd face::

This puts me at about 12 lbs to go before I achieve my goal of 30 percent of my total weight lost in 2013.  Super excited!  It seems to be within reach 🙂


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