Food Photo Friday

Bacon & Eggs
Bacon & Eggs

Ahhhh… can you smell it?  Bacon and scrambled eggs.  I eat them any time of the day, because why reserve something so awesome for just breakfast!?

If I had kept track of how many eggs I ate this year… well, it would be A LOT.  Not quite as much bacon… but much way more than I had ever allowed myself to eat in the last 5 years.  It’s quite funny, when I look back at my choices before this year… the things I avoided because I thought they would make me fat, and the things I ate instead because they were ‘good’ or at least ‘not as bad’.

I got news for you.  Bacon and eggs, (I usually eat 2 or 3 of each in one sitting) will not make you fat.  The protein and the fat will give you sustained energy and keep away hunger pains for many, many hours.  If you want to get even better, add half a sliced avocado to that plate.  You’ll be ready for a crazy busy Saturday!  It’s a fast, simple meal and it will be satisfying too 🙂

PS – Don’t buy cheap bacon.  Spend the extra money and buy local, thick, minimally processed stuff.  I buy a 12oz package, with about 10 slices, and it goes for $5-6.  Eat it over the course of several meals, not all at once!  The crap that’s meant to be microwaved or is so thin it turns into bacon bits in the pan, has no place in your kitchen, let alone your body.

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