Weigh In Friday

Friday is weigh in day at work, as our office ‘get healthy challenge’ concludes it’s 4th week. After a rough week of paleo flu and excessive fruit consumption, last Friday I had gained 3 lbs. But I made some necessary adjustments this week and hoped for better results this week…

And I was rewarded!

Lost 6 lbs this week – so overall, in 4 weeks, am down a total of just over 18 lbs!

So excited and motivated that it will be easy to ignore the temptations of the Super Bowl office tailgate, as well as the Super Bowl party I am invited to on Sunday 🙂

Have also been testing a few recipes that I hope to post this weekend, stay tuned!

For a little comedic relief, please consider this post at Nerd Fitness. And please don’t be confused if you are new to paleo/ living a healthy lifestyle; the comedic style is 100% sarcasm, and the title is 100% accurate.

Happy (and healthy) Friday everyone!

Are you having success with Paleo? Please tell me about it! Have questions about it? Let me know and I’ll try to help!


2 thoughts on “Weigh In Friday

  1. Congratulations, your hard work is being rewarded, that always feels good! And good job on not getting bent out of shape or side tracked by last week’s blip!

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