Weigh-In Update

Two weeks paleo – feeling great! Down another 5 lbs at this weeks office weigh in! The weight coming off so quickly is amazing – but what is truly shocking to me is how good I feel. A few observations:

1) No headaches. Normally when I am dieting, it is based on calorie restriction and I get terrible headaches (probably because my body is screaming for sugar). But even though I am not eating huge amounts (because I just don’t feel like I need it), I do not get headaches through out the day. This makes it much more realistic for me to continue this style of eating.

2) Things pass more easily. To be frank, I never thought that I had a problem with constipation. However, since changing my diet, things are VERY different – and much easier.

3) No uncomfortable bloating. If you tend towards carb binges (which has been a problem for me for years), one consequence is feeling bloated pretty much all the time. But within two days of changing to paleo, the bloat was gone and it has stayed gone.

4) Pass on the coffee. At work, I normally take a cup immediately in the morning and drink about 4 more throughout the day. I did not plan to give it up when I went paleo, but I’ve just felt more awake in the morning, so I’ve skipped it. Ironically, I have more energy!


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